MOTI putting tender out for 13km of roadways work on Gabriola, set to begin this August

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Wednesday, June 26 2019

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has put out a tender for the resurfacing of approximately 13 km of road on Gabriola Island. 

The tender closes at the end of July, with work anticipated to start by early August.

According to MOTI staff, completion is targeted for late September. The project is for rehabilitation of existing road surfaces only, and does not include any road or shoulder widening.

MOTI staff said this will not trigger the Memorandum of Understanding the Ministry has with the Islands Trust for widening roads on the ‘Gabriola Cyclepath’ plan with cycle lanes - even though sections of South Road, for example, are on that plan.

MOTI staff were not willing to say what the budget is for the project, stating that to do so could impact the responses to the tender.

Staff said more accurate information on the project, including budget, will be made public in August.

Roads prioritized for resurfacing include:

• Taylor Bay Road - Start at North Road/end at Berry Point Road

• Easthom Road – Start at North/end at Canso Road

• Harrison Way – Start at Easthom Road/ end at Pat Burns Dr.

• Coats Drive – Start at South Road/end at 300m west of Hess Road

• Hess Road – Full length

• Ferne Road – Start at Tait continue for 550m

• Lackehaven Drive – Start at Garland Road/end at new road to the north

• South Road – Start at Dogwood Drive/end 100m south of Coats Drive/Restart at Ferne Rd/end at Wharf Road

• Spruce Road – Start at Hemlock Avenue/end 50m north of Terminal Point.

Dan Eliuk is a a resident of Hess Road and has been actively lobbying MOTI for years to get the Hess/Coats corridor redone. He says if this project goes the way it is supposed to, “it’ll be huge - we’re dodging potholes all the time.

“I’m really pleased they have a tender out, that’s bloody good news, it’ll make a big difference. Hess is bad, there’s the section on the hill on Coats, that’s getting really bad again. 

“I talked to a lot of people on the island, even the main roads, they all tell me they straddle the centre line to avoid to rough patches on the sides of the roads. 

“I hope this work they’re talking about doing is long, cause there are a lot of roads that need it. 

“I look forward to seeing what happens now.”