Mudge Islanders clean up over 300 kilograms of trash from island beaches

Jack Schick, Chair

Mudge Island Land Trust

Wednesday, September 5 2018

Mudge Island’s beaches are sparkling a lot more following a beach cleanup on Sunday, August 26.

Approximately 40 Mudgekins, friends and relatives arrived in the morning and spread out across the island to see what they could find and bag.

305 kg (672 lbs) of garbage was removed from Mudge Island shoreline in the beach cleanup.

Lugging crushed battery remains, foam-filled tires, rusting chains, and big bits of styrofoam, keen cleaners did a great job. One of the most interesting ‘finds’ was a driftwood sailboat complete with sail, metal keel, and weights to keep it upright on its mystery journey that ended on Mudge. 

After lots of socializing around the barbeque (hot dogs), an ambitious contingent gathered at the shoreline to welcome Jase and his dad with the Protection Island Supply boat/barge. They had offered to take the pile of debris to the Cedar land fill for free, an offer we couldn’t refuse! 

All in all, the effort was a great success!

Many thanks to all the people who volunteered to help and to Lynda Andersen and Janet Bakewell for doing the barbecue detail; to Barb Bond and Ian Simpson for contributing dollars for the groceries; the RDN for waving tipping fees at the landfill; and Protection Island Supply for the barge service to the land fill!