New septic for Folklife Village requires some blasting

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Thursday, September 12 2019

A new septic system at Folklife Village is being installed, and between September 12 and September 20, people in the village area may hear an air horn sounding as the underlying rock is blasted to make way for the new system.

Rick Mitchell with Folklife Village confirmed blasting is scheduled to take place between 7am and 5pm - on Sept 12 and 13, as well as from Sept. 16 to 20 within the same times.

He said it may take fewer days to complete the work, but those are the days the businesses in Folklife have been advised may be included.

Those in the area may hear 10 to 12 short air horn bursts to signal that a blast is forthcoming.

Mitchell said the actual blast will not be that loud - more of a “whompf” - as the company installing the new septic field is utilizing blast mats - these will muffle the sound, as well as prevent any materials from going anywhere.

One long horn burst will signal that particular session of blasting is completed.

Mitchell said this is all part of a new septic system being installed for Folklife, one which is more efficient and capable than the previous system.

If anyone has any further questions or concerns, they are encouraged to contact Mitchell at Folklife Village. This also applies to anyone who may wish to ask Rick for some of the rocks which have been cleared out to make way for the new septic.