Pedestrian hit at ferry terminal

Sounder News

Wednesday, January 6 2016

A pedestrian was struck by a pickup in front of the Gabriola ferry terminal over the holiday season. 

Gabriola RCMP said this past week the night of the incident, the ferry traffic was in midst of unloading, and the pickup was heading down ferry hill.

In front of the Skol Pub, the pedestrian stepped out from the ferry lineup - she had parked in the small lot across from the Skol - and was struck by the pickup.

Cst. Jan Hendricks was following the pickup and witnessed the incident, saying it was heavy rains coming down, but the pickup was not travelling at an unreasonable rate of speed for the conditions.

According to Hendricks, the pedestrian was dressed all in black and stepped out in front of the pickup.

The woman was taken to Nanaimo Regional General Hospital and according to Hendricks was released the next day with minor injuries.

While pedestrians always have the right of way on roadways, Hendricks said both drivers and pedestrians have a responsibility to ensure everyone stays safe on the road.

Both pedestrians and drivers are asked to be aware of each other, especially in the ferry terminal area when it is loading and unloading.

Bright and light clothing is encouraged - with reflective features if possible. Reflective badges/stickers are available for free at the Gabriola RCMP detachment, and can be attached to jackets, backpacks, or any other item regularly used during the winter.