Potlatch application approved by minister

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, January 2 2018

The Potlatch application is expected to be on the agenda for the March 2018 Local Trust Committee (LTC) agenda, with the potential of being given final reading and adoption.

Trust staff said Bylaw 289, which amends the Gabriola OCP, has been approved by the provincial Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. 

Both the amendment bylaws (289 and 290) for the density transfer application GB-RZ-2016.1 (Williamson & Associates - Potlatch Properties and Pilot Bay Holdings) have been approved by the Islands Trust Executive Committee.

A covenant to restrict the number of lots on the subdivision at 25 will be finalized prior to the application being brought to the LTC.

While there is an LTC meeting being held in January, Trust staff said the applicant had asked that the application be brought forward to the March 9, 2018, meeting. 

Trustees at the December 14, 2017, LTC meeting said they did not take issue with this, but requested that, if possible, copies of the agenda be sent to Trustees before it is posted to the Islands Trust website on March 3, 2018.

Bylaws 289 and 290, which will respectively amend the Gabriola Official Community Plan and Land Use Bylaw, will allow the applicants to donate 383.74 acres of parkland (adjacent to the 707 Community Park) in exchange for the creation of 25 lots on the properties between Cox Community Park and the Village Core.

In addition, if the application goes forward, a road will be built connecting Church Street and Spruce Avenue.

The Regional District of Nanaimo has said it will accept both the proposed 300+ acre parkland adjacent to the 707 Community Park in the donor portion of the application, as per the recommendation of the Gabriola Parks and Open Spaces Advisory Commission, as well as a 40+ acre piece of parkland in the receiver parcel.