RCMP Report April 9 - April 15

Cpl. Nathan Dame

Detachment Commander, Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, April 18 2017

24 investigations were responded to by the Gabriola RCMP.

April 10 - on Easthom Road a vehicle entered a driveway and took several tools from a shed. If anyone has information on this theft please contact us. 

A Break and Enter to a residence was reported and is believed to have occurred sometime in February. The suspects took a kettle, a couple of pieces of clothing and decided to leave a pair of lace underwear behind in exchange. The lace underwear does not cover the cost of damage to the residence so this is still under investigation. Perhaps if they had left a pairs of socks as well we would have looked at different alternatives. 

April 12 - Two persons were found using the rubber mats at Folklife Village as blankets. Both persons left the area before the police arrived.

On Wednesday evening somebody put a lot of work into returning their recyclables. A hole was cut in the fence at the GIRO with some items moved around but nothing appears to be taken. “A” for effort but there are different ways to do this. 

April 13 - The Gabriola RCMP received a report that a vehicle had passed a school bus that had its lights flashing while unloading children. The same vehicle was reported for an illegal U-Turn at the ferry line up shortly after. The driver of the vehicle was issued a fine for each violation. 

The Gabriola RCMP received reports of mischief in different areas on the Island. Due to the nature of the mischief the RCMP will be following up on all the information provided to us. So far it does not appear that the mischief is related to any of the recent land debates. 

April 15 - Gabriola RCMP attended Arbutus Home Building Supplies for a Break and Enter report. The suspect entered the business and was able to obtain a large amount of cash. A male suspect was caught on surveillance. The same male suspect also took some items from the Island Home + Garden and was captured on the video security system. (see images to the right) If anyone recognizes the suspect please contact the RCMP or Crime Stoppers. April 19 UPDATE: RCMP have identified the suspect. The suspect is in custody awaiting a court appearance in May. Several related charges are being sought pending the investigations.

The Gabriola RCMP issued a notice of driving prohibition to a driver with new drivers licence. If you have a new drivers licence and are provided violations for your driving the motor vehicle branch will provide you with a suspension. It depends on the circumstances for the length of the suspension. Once you are suspended and then are caught driving you be provided a court date.