RCMP Report Aug 14 to Aug 28

Cpl. Nathan Dame, Detachment Commander

Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, August 29 2017

As we approach the end of August and the beginning of the school year I am providing Gabriola with a heads up that the Gabriola RCMP will be hiding in our usual spots enforcing the school zone speed limit which is 30 kilometres an hour, not 40 or 50 or any number above 30. 

It’s a school zone so that means young children are in this area. 

The school zone speed is marked with some bright green signs at each end. 

Oh yes, and that big bright yellow vehicle called a school bus will be travelling around the island. Don’t pass it when its bright lights are flashing and when that bright red sign that says stop is out or you may see our bright flashing lights behind you. 

August 19 - Dude, where’s my pants? At 4:30 a.m. Cst. Mike Pater responded to a report of a male wandering around the Village Market parking lot with no clothes on below the waistline. Cst. Pater located the male in the parking lot who had been in the wooded area behind the market during the night. The male had become disoriented to his location as he was not from Gabriola and could not locate his pants. For some reason the male decided it would be the best option to wander into the area where he would most likely be seen. 

Cst. Pater called his wife to bring some pants to the detachment and provided the male a ride to cells until the pants arrived. Cst. Pater told Cpl. Dame that it was an especially difficult call as he had to keep telling himself to maintain eye contact throughout the interaction.

August 21 - Theft and identity fraud. The Gabriola RCMP received a report that a wallet with credit cards had been stolen from a residence. The credit cards were used for on-line gambling and some video games. Unfortunately the suspect was a not a big winner and could not pay back the victims as I am sure that was their intention. 

August 23 - Fishin’ magician. The Gabriola RCMP received a report of illegal fishing in Descanso Bay. The complainant was able to catch the suspect on video catching a rock fish and provided the video to the RCMP. The video was reviewed by the RCMP and showed the suspect wearing a scarf over their face. The scarf was probably just being used to protect their delicate skin from the sun and not to obscure their identity. 

Cpl. Dame and Cst. Hilland responded to a complaint at the Village Market of a male causing some issues in front of the liquor store. Cpl. Dame located the male who happened to be the clothes-less male from a few days ago. Cpl. Dame thanked the male for having his pants on and did not need to maintain eye contact throughout. After some discussion a vote was taken and to the male’s dismay he was voted off the island. Cpl. Dame provided the male a ride to the ferry so he could head back home where he will be able to choose from several different pairs of pants.

A report of a male and female having a disagreement at the ferry line up on North Road where some witnesses interjected to separate the two until the police could arrive. The argument was over a cell phone that the female did not have with her. The female was escorted onto the ferry back to Nanaimo where she resides.