RCMP Report Dec. 10-17

Cpl. Nathan Dame

Detachment Commander Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, December 19 2017

The car skid on the ice,

And greeted a utility pole.

The utility pole was strong,

And pushed the car into a hole.

The air bag deployed,

The driver got out, 

And a Good Samaritan stayed

And used his phone to give 911 a shout.

An ambulance came,

Firefighters followed,

The policeman Cpl Nathan Dame,

Came and joined the crowd.

The driver kept saying,

I have never had a wreck,

But I am alive,

This is my first wreck.

The Good Samaritan

Whose home was in Delta,

Notified her husband,

Who arrived at the scene,

And saw his wife was okay,

And he was not mean.

[Author, Audrey Schroeder]


Operation Red Nose will be working closely with operation Santa’s Beard during the holiday season. We will be looking for impaired reindeer operators, Santa Claus impersonators and those mischievous Elves on the shelves. So be good for goodness sake.

December 12 - Crash and Dash. It was reported by the complainant that while their vehicle was parked at the El Verano boat launch, the vehicle sustained damage to driver’s side light. The suspect vehicle did not stay to take responsibility. 

Early Christmas. On December 12 it was reported that someone had entered a residence and took most of the household items including all the winter clothing. 

To the suspects in this theft, I want to remind you that Christmas is about giving and not taking. You must have been confused and I believe that you will return the borrowed items before we visit you. 

Yes we are similar to Santa Claus, we know when you have been naughty or nice and we know where you live! Po Po Po Merry Christmas!

A Merry disturbance in front of Village Food Market. It was reported that two males were having a disagreement that could not be settled by talking. One of the males has been put on the naughty list. 

December 15 - The 12 beers of Christmas. On the first day of Christmas my drinking partner gave to me, not enough beer. 

On the second day Christmas my drinking partner gave to me, still not enough beer. 

The Gabriola RCMP responded to a physical altercation on a property over the sharing of beer. One drinking partner felt that the other drinking partner was not sharing properly and took this personal. Both parties were separated for the evening. 

Cpl. Dame’s festive tips for the holidays:

• Share your beer equally amongst friends.

• Christmas is about giving not taking. 

• Drive your reindeer responsibly or find a sober Elf.

• Don’t eat coal, it does not taste very good.

What do you call someone who is afraid of Santa Claus? 

Claus-trophobic! Have wonderful holiday season Gabriola!