RCMP Report: Dec. 18, 2017 to Jan. 7, 2018

Cpl. Nathan Dame

Detachment Commander, Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, January 9 2018

Happy New Year everyone. I hope that the holidays treated you well and you enjoyed the white Christmas. 

Dec. 20 - The Gabriola RCMP received a report of a vehicle down a steep ditch and through a fence on Bluewater Drive. Due to the icy roads the vehicle was left on the property until the weather cooperated.

Dec. 22 - War of the drones. It was reported that that a drone was caught on surveillance dropping paint ball pellets onto a vehicle. If the suspect used white or gray paint the evidence could have been blamed on Seagulls.  So far the suspect has eluded the police in their attempts to identify the drone operator. The RCMP helicopter is on standby in case further bombardments occur. 

Tag you’re it. An impaired driver was reported to the Gabriola RCMP. The vehicle was last seen heading toward the ferry so we decided to give the Nanaimo RCMP a heads up. They located the vehicle on their side of the fence and helped to remind the driver why impaired driving is not OK. 

How to draw attention to yourself 101. During a check stop on Berry point Rd, the Gabriola RCMP observed a vehicle make a hard stop approximately 30 meters from them. The vehicle then pulled in beside some mail boxes while the passenger jumped out for a leisurely stroll. 

The driver stated that they were just checking their mail and thought that perhaps there was a collision up ahead. 

The attending RCMP member was not fooled by the lure of deception as the strong odour of marijuana gave them away.  

Dec. 29 - This day saw emergency crews respond to four collisions with no serious injuries. It was if someone put a slip and slide on certain parts of the road. Then everyone took a turn with only the odd person sliding off the end.  Thank you to the road crews for working extra hard over the holidays. These folks work very hard to keep the roads safe !

Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department and BC Ambulance Service did an amazing job going above their regular duties to help everyone involved.  Gabriola Fire were able to use their rappelling and extrication skills on one of the collisions. It reminded me of Rapunzel letting down her hair except it was a rope and there wasn’t a knight, unless you count Fire Chief Jackson. 

Cpl. Dame’s New Year resolutions:

• I shall endeavour to write the police report weekly so that I do not get into trouble from the Gabriola community and my wife. 

• I will attempt to stop eating all the Lindt chocolates in my house so I don’t end up looking like one.

• Most importantly I will attempt to apologize more to my wife for being wrong all the time. Apparently I am wrong quite a bit.