RCMP Report: Jan. 8 - Jan. 15

Cpl. Nathan Dame

Detachment Commander, Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, January 16 2018

Riding your bikes around Gabriola at night can be a hazardous occurrence. We do not have lighted streets and vehicle head lights will not help your cause to reach your destination if you do not have the proper equipment. Please wear reflective clothing and have the proper lights on your bikes. You are the softest thing out here. 

January 10 - Watch your step, it’s a doozy! Police and Ambulance responded to a report that someone wanted to jump off a cliff. On arrival it was found that the cliff jumper had actually just fallen down some stairs. It could be that the stairs were just a warm up for the cliff and they misjudged their abilities. Alcohol was definitely a factor. 

11:30pm - The police responded to a report that a person was walking through the complainant’s yard with a flashlight. The police arrived and found the area to be very dark as there was no power for this residence and yard. The police suggested that it was most likely one of the other tenants walking to their residence using a flashlight to see. Nothing suspicious was located. 

January 12 - Country music title,” I ain’t got no time for this!” 

Cpl. Dame was called to assist with an injured deer on Whalebone Rd. The concerned citizens had placed a towel on the deer to keep it warm but the deer did not seem to appreciate this gesture as it took off, leaving the towel behind.

Cpl. Dame imagined the deer saying to its self, “Oh dear me! There’s something on me! Get it off, get it off!” 

The deer has yet to be located. 

So if you feel something on your back, stay calm it could just be a towel, not a spider.