RCMP Report July 17-30

Cpl. Nathan Dame, Detachment Commander

Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, August 1 2017

Thirty-eight investigations responded to by the Gabriola RCMP.

There have been several items turned in to the Gabriola RCMP of late. If you are missing anything please come and see if we have anything belonging to you. 

Here is the report; titles are my ideas for country music songs.

July 18 - Looking for water in all the wrong places - A suspicious male was reported on a Spruce Avenue property. When confronted by the property owner, the male said he was a plumber looking for water and quickly left. I hope he had his pants pulled up. 

Dog gone over it - The Gabriola RCMP was called to assist with two neighbours having a verbal dispute about some dogs. When the police arrived they were told that dog issue was over and had resolved itself. 

July 20 - Half his, half hers - A vehicle parked halfway on the road had been reported to police as being unsafe causing some traffic issues. The police followed up with the registered owner who said it was parked at his girlfriend’s residence. Both parties were provided some time to move the vehicle to a safer location.

I missed you…by inches - A near-miss collision at Bertha Avenue and North Road was investigated by the Gabriola RCMP. The driver was spoken to and the complainants updated. 

July 22 - Oops, I dropped my purse again - The Gabriola RCMP attended a collision involving a boat trailer and a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle dropped their purse onto the vehicle’s floor, and when they bent down to pick it up they veered off the road hitting the boat trailer. No injuries to the driver or purse. Sometimes I don’t need to say anything else, ‘cause that’s pretty funny.

July 25 - Wait a second, where’s my dachshund - A suspicious female was reportedly talking to herself and her invisible dog. The police located her and found that, yes, she was talking to an invisible dog. The police provided her a ride and she made the dog jump into the backseat of the police vehicle. 

July 26 - Howdy friend. Darn it I hit a car - While on patrol, Cst. Hilland came across a collision between two vehicles on South Road. The driver of the vehicle that was at fault admitted that he was waving at a friend while turning, misjudged his lane, and collided with the other vehicle in their lane. No injuries to his waving hand. 

July 27 - Can I borrow your stuff without telling you? - An investigation was initiated when a report was received of two stolen kayaks from the Descanso Bay Campground. The complainants called back stating some family members had borrowed them. I am impressed, as most family members don’t return “borrowed” items in my experience. 

Red solo tail light - A two-vehicle collision was reported to have occurred near the BC Ferries terminal. One vehicle backed into another vehicle smashing one of their tail lights. The complainant reported that the other driver may have been impaired. Still under investigation.

July 28 - You call me unique but I prefer eccentric - A constable responded to a report of a female acting strangely at the ferry terminal. The constable spoke to the female and allowed her to continue on her journey. Afterward, the constable stated that although the female in question was acting in a unique manner, she did not display or indicate any risk to herself or others. 

Aaron Pritchett, if you are reading this report, I think these should be the titles for a new album.