RCMP Report July 3 to July 9

Cpl. Nathan Dame

Detachment Commander, Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, July 11 2017

24 investigations responded to by the Gabriola RCMP

NO FIRES!! Fire ban is in place. No Smoking signs have been placed up around the Island. BC has declared a state of emergency as July 7. That’s how dry it is around the Province. If we have a fire we will not have much in the way of help so be extra careful out there. As Smokey the Bear said, “Only you can prevent wild fires.” 

The Gabriola RCMP has seen a large increase on calls for service. We are trying hard to get to all the calls but we are behind having to prioritize what we are attending. I have attempted to get extra resources but with all that is happening around the province my attempts have not been successful. We appreciate everyone’s patience and are working hard to get caught up. 

July 3 - The RCMP were requested to assist the Ambulance with an agitated patient. The RCMP constable who attended called into the residence a few times and did not receive a response which made the constable think that someone was in need of medical attention. The constable then stated that he would be entering residence to make sure everyone was OK. The patient stepped out from behind a curtain and started to yell at the constable to get off his property. Another life saved by the Ambulance and RCMP!

July 4 - Fire crews assisted with a vehicle fire that attempted to get away. The fire leapt onto a nearby building and was extinguished before it could spread. Great work by the fire crew!

July 6 - A report of a lost or stolen canoe from Descanso Bay. It is made from the same company that makes gas cans so it is unique. Please call in if you have any information.

July 7 - The RCMP received a report of a hit and run collision. One vehicle was parked. Another vehicle was backing out of a parking spot. The moving vehicle struck the parked vehicle but did not stop at that point. The vehicle then drove forward using the parked vehicles bumper as scratching post. Yes this left a large scratch down the side of suspect vehicle. 

You would think at this juncture that suspect vehicle would have stopped but no it did not. 

Hence the hit and run investigation, so I will personally thank the driver for the extra work. 

Cpl. Dame’s tips of the week.

• When you see a Gabriola RCMP officer refrain from using any doughnut comments. This is an offensive comment. The Gabriola RCMP officers prefer croissants or bagels with their coffee. 

• When attending a Gabriola RCMP residence early in the morning it is unwise to be high on Meth or any other substance. This may cause you some discomfort and will likely not be in your favour.

• When indulging in a nice summer beverage please keep your clothing on in public. If you must disrobe, yelling will only draw attention to yourself and as tip #2 states this will likely not be in your favour. 

• When you hit another vehicle it is the law to stop and provide your information. It is also a nice thing to do. Pretending it did not happen will likely not be in your favour.

Disclaimer: These events occurred on Gabriola over the past week. These tips are the opinions of Cpl. DAME and do not represent the RCMP. 

May the odds be ever in your favour.