RCMP Report July 31 - Aug 6

Cpl. Nathan Dame, Detachment Commander

Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, August 8 2017

17 calls for service

Even with all the signage and information out there we are still getting those people who feel that the common sense rules don’t apply to them. 

One example is a person with a lit cigarette at the CO-OP gas station while the fuel delivery truck is pumping the fuel into the tanks. 

Everyone makes mistakes but when confronted this person decided to make it worse for themselves instead of fixing the problem. 

Another is a wood fire while camping. In April this would be Ok but not in August. If the fire had taken off you could be looking at millions of dollars in civil litigation. The thought process of “it won’t happen to me” has been proven to be wrong countless of times during humanities existence on this planet. 

August 1 - Disagreement at the medical clinic. The police were called to assist as two individuals started a verbal argument while having their children visit the doctor. The police were able to figure out a solution so that everyone could carry on with their day.

August 2 - I’ll go this way, you go that way. A female caller reported that their partner had left them at Drumbeg Provincial Park for over 5 hours. She had left her partner at the entrance of the park and walked to the beach while he took some pictures of trees. When she went back he was gone. The police found the female and drove her around the Island trying to find him with no success. The female wanted to go back to the park in case he returned. One of the constables had the intuitive thought that maybe the male drove down the road further past the turnoff. Surprise! There he was. Lack of communication may be the problem here. 

August 4 - Suspicious female. A report of a female walking into yards looking for her children. When asked if she need help she replied that she was the police and would start to accuse the person of kidnapping her children.  This is also the same female who had the imaginary dogs from the last police report. Although it would be nice to have another police officer on Gabriola I do not think she correctly represented herself.