RCMP Report: June 12 to June 16

Cpl. Nathan Dame, Detachment Commander

Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, June 20 2017

24 investigations responded to by the Gabriola RCMP.

Canada Day is fast approaching with what sounds like lots of family fun! The Gabriola RCMP will be out and about enjoying the day with everyone. With the larger amount of people that will be in the area there will be a zero tolerance for misbehaviours.

This will include drinking liquor in a public place, streaking, streaking while running with liquor in hand, streaking while doing cart wheels, as well as any other behaviours that cause people to look in your direction and then feel like they need to quickly look away. 

So please enjoy the day and allow everyone else to enjoy the day too! 

June 12 - Break and enter on Malaspina Dr. The Gabriola RCMP have a possible suspect and are still investigating.

Another vehicle passed the school bus when it should not have. I might be wrong but I think this is a pretty important law to follow. A licence plate was obtained so the suspect will be getting a visit very soon. 

June 14 - The Gabriola RCMP responded to a report for a hit and run offence involving two vehicles. A witness provided the information to the victim owner which resulted in a ticket to the offending driver. 

The RCMP have identified the suspect in the stolen vehicles included in last week’s report. 

At this time charges have not been approved as more investigation is required. 

With all the fun activities that will be happening over the summer the RCMP would like to remind anyone who is out having some drinks to be careful and make sure that you have a friend watch your drink if you leave. Always have a friend who is sober to make sure everyone gets home safely and have a good time!