RCMP Report June 26 - July 2

Cpl. Nathan Dame

Detachment Commander, Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, July 4 2017

June 26 - The Gabriola RCMP responded to a suspicious brush fire near the medical clinic. Fire services were on scene and they were able to stop the fire from spreading. If you have any information on this fire please contact the RCMP.

The RCMP investigated a report of a vehicle with a possible impaired driver on Malaspina Drive. The driver was located and it was determined that they were not impaired by alcohol. 

June 27 - A female was reported missing to the RCMP. It was determined that the missing had their days mixed up and arrived a day later than expected. 

June 28 - the police assisted a tenant and landlord by keeping the peace. Both parties had difficulties agreeing on things in regard to the residence so the police made sure that it did not escalate to a no holds barred wrestling match. 

$300 cash was lost last week and hopefully it may be turned into the RCMP if located. 

A report of a male screaming near Valdes Island. A male was located on a boat moored off of Shingle point. When the male was asked why he was screaming he yelled at the police,” Trudeau. Why else would I be screaming?” We did not have much of an argument so the male was left alone to yell about Trudeau. 

A male was reported to be intimidating customers at the liquor store. Patrols were made but the male had returned home where he was located playing his piano. The police talked over the Beethoven “type” music and it was agreed he would quiet down. 

June 30 - the RCMP assisted with removing a person who would not leave a residence. The person had been having a lot of fun and did not want it to stop. Enter the fun stoppers who assisted the person by walking the fun maker to their residence concluding the fun.

A report of a child heard saying, “No daddy. Stop daddy”. The RCMP investigated and found that a wrestling match was occurring between the father and son. The mother stated that the son was losing, but was happy that someone was concerned enough to call the police. No arrests were made. 

The RCMP were asked to locate a person who had missed their rendezvous at the ferry. The RCMP were able to track the person’s route throughout day but not actually locate them until they returned home on the ferry. They were one step ahead the whole time. A big thank you to the BC Ferries crew for all their help!

July 2 - the RCMP investigated a house fire which had occurred on Stokes Rd on the night of July 1. Gabriola firefighters were able to put the fire out, and made sure that all the occupants were safe. The home owners were provided accommodations and provided other help to get them through the short term. If anyone in the community wishes to help the family you can contact the RCMP.