RCMP Report: Mar. 6 - Mar. 12

Cpl. Nathan Dame, Detachment Commander

Gabriola Island RCMP

Tuesday, March 14 2017

Total investigations responded to by the Gabriola RCMP: 12

Mar. 7 - A report of Identity Fraud was received by the Gabriola RCMP. The complainant’s personal information was used to obtain a cell. There was a large outstanding balance on the account. Check your credit history periodically to see if your information has been used to open any fraudulent accounts.

• A bylaw noise complaint was received. There are bylaw noise hours in effect with the RDN and I invite you to research them. There is also a bylaws officer who enforces the Gabriola Bylaws. The RCMP may also attend if the issue is concerning enough to warrant a criminal investigation.

Mar. 9 - A verbal disagreement over a cable box brought the Gabriola RCMP to a residence so that we could help settle the dispute. Due to the quick actions of the constable no cable boxes were harmed during the making of this investigation.

• A wallet was lost with different pieces of identification and some money in it somewhere on or around the Gabriola Ferry. If the wallet is located please turn it into the detachment and we will get it back to the owner.

Mar. 11 - The RCMP received a report of a female wielding a baseball bat on North Rd. The constable located said female who stated that she was going to play baseball. Further investigation was able to determine that this was not correct as there were no baseball diamonds in the area.

Mar. 12 - A disturbance call was reported to the RCMP at midnight. Two RCMP members attended and spoke with all the parties involved. Alcohol was a factor but with some help the RCMP were able to figure out the events of the night. One participant was provided a ride home by the RCMP.

• At 2:30 PM one of the constables responded to an injured deer that needed to be put down. The constable arrived and in his own words said “The deer made a miraculous recovery and took off when I arrived.”  

I am not sure exactly what the deer was thinking but I bet it was along the lines of “Holy cow batman. It’s the 5-0 I am out of here!” 

Only guessing.

Stay classy Gabriola!