RCMP Report: May 18 to 26

Cst. Jan Hendriks

Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, May 30 2017

May 18 – Member called out to a residence being looked after that appeared to have a ghost in the home controlling the lights when no one was home. A full investigation into a possible B&E determined nothing was missing or damaged and no entry was gained…

Gabriola Island RCMP requested to locate and arrest a local resident on an outstanding warrant out of Nanaimo

May 21 – There was another call of street racing, causing sleepless nights for some Gabriolan residents. This has been an ongoing issue out of the Jack Point area in Nanaimo for some time. If this is effecting you please call 911 and lodge a complaint with the Nanaimo RCMP as this is their jurisdiction. The Nanaimo traffic Services would like nothing more than to address the Public Safety aspect for the motoring public. There are significant consequences for speeding starting with the seizure of the offending vehicle for a week, plus other applicable fines depending on the specific circumstances. Leaving a non-emergency voice message on the Gabriola phone message system will not assist with dealing with the Street Racing issue effectively.

May 23 – With the summer like weather upon us at last and in time for the long weekend so did the increased calls of erratic driving to catch the ferry. Poor planning on your part does not permit exceptions to the rules of the road and excuse putting others at risk. Plan ahead and be safe on the roads expecting delays with the ferry and getting yourself in line early.

This past week there were also several abandoned 911 calls. As required due to the potential risk by not following up, Police are required to make concerted efforts to locate the caller. If you happen to know you’ve accidentally dialed 911 please speak with the call taker explaining the incidental call and expect that an officer will likely speak with you in person to confirm your wellbeing. This would be greatly appreciated, as this has the potential to take up a considerable amount of time to track someone down if you’re using a cell phone, for instance.