RCMP Report May 7-13

Cpl. Nathan Dam, Detachment Commander

Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, May 16 2017

15 investigations responded to by the Gabriola RCMP.

May 7 - Pavement angel. A report of a male lying in the middle of Taylor Bay rd at 3am. The caller stated that person on the road appeared to be intoxicated. All patrols for the male were negative. It would have been a funny looking snow angel had there still been snow on the ground. 

May 9 - A vehicle was stopped for speeding through the school zone. The vehicle did not have active insurance and was towed by Gabriola Towing. 

The Gabriola RCMP responded to a report of a domestic disturbance. One person was arrested and released on a court date. 

A call was received that a certain person who shall not be named was yelling and swearing in their yard again. When questioned by the police if they had been swearing and yelling said person replied, “Yes Sir. If their dogs are going to bark I am going to yell and swear.” There was a short discussion and an agreement was made that no further yelling would occur. 

May 10 - A vehicle drove past the school bus while its lights were flashing. There has been an increase lately with this issue. Please stop for the school bus when it is picking up and dropping off children. I will be forced to go incognito on the bus to observe all the wrong doers. 

May 11 - Possessed vehicle. A report of a single vehicle collision near the CO-OP was received. Apparently the vehicle was left in drive as the driver exited causing the said vehicle to start rolling down the parking lot. The vehicle then drove (driverless) through the liquor store parking lot, crossed Ross Rd and was stopped by the ditch. Just to be clear no Turkeys were harmed. When the driver was asked what happened they stated that it had nothing to do with their driving abilities as they were not in the vehicle. 

May 12 - An uninsured vehicle was located on Harrison Rd near Easthom Dr with no licence plates. This is never suspicious to a police officer. The vehicle was towed by Gabriola Towing. 

Thank you to everyone who has provided me with all the positive feedback on the police reports. 

The best part is I don’t have to make any of it up.