RCMP Report Nov. 5 - 18

Cpl. Nathan Dame

Detachment Commander, Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, November 21 2017

It was amazing turnout in support of our Veterans on November 11th! Thank you to all the organizers and to everyone who made it out for the ceremonies. 

With the holiday season approaching you will see an increased police presence during the festive drinking hours. Just because your nose may be red, Rudolph won’t be able to guide your sleigh home that night. Do make sure to call a taxi or find a sober ride home. The buffalo cab is a little less comfortable and will most likely make a detour before bringing you home. 

November 7 - The Gabriola RCMP received a report of a missing person who is believed to be in Ontario. The investigation is still ongoing. 

November 10 - Why 1 when you can have 4? While conducting school zone speed enforcement the Gabriola RCMP stopped a vehicle for a speeding violation. During the interaction police observed an illegal substance in the vehicle and arrested the two occupants. During the search of the vehicle four different types of drugs were located and were seized by the Gabriola RCMP. The passenger was released with no charge with the driver still under investigation. 

November 12 - Silver bullet. The Gabriola RCMP responded to a report of a single vehicle collision on Norwich RD and Chichester RD. The RCMP arrived to find that the silver vehicle had slid through the sharp corner and then through a fence stopping on the lawn of the residence. The driver may have failed to negotiate the corner but they were able to maintain their trajectory through the fence and kept the vehicle on all 4 tires. 

November 14 - The Gabriola RCMP assisted Mental Health with transporting two individuals to the local area hospital. 

November 14 - A male walks into the Commons during an event making himself comfortable and helped himself to the food. The bartender asks, “Why the long face?” Oops sorry wrong joke. That was supposed to be for a horse that walks into a bar. 

November 14 - Make yourself at home said the three bears. Break and Enter to the Commons. It was reported that the heat had been turned up, the bathroom was used and the closet door latch was broken.  If the bed had been slept in we might be looking for Goldilocks but most likely it was the horse in the previous paragraph. 

November 15 - Help yourself to some money too! The complainant reported that while they were at the Commons on Nov. 14, some money had been borrowed from her purse. It was very rude of the suspect not to leave an IOU note stating that they would return the borrowed funds. Just in case you are wondering the Gabriola RCMP does have a suspect for the November 14th crime wave. I will describe the suspect as not having blonde hair. 

November 16 - Gabriola Twilight zone. Theft of bicycle from GIRO. Guess what, same suspect. You are also probably wondering why we have not yet dealt with this suspect. The suspect has disappeared again. I believe they have used their getaway vehicle to head back over to Nanaimo but it’s only a matter of time before we catch up with them.