RCMP Report - Oct. 15 to Oct. 27

Cpl. Nathan Dame

Sounder News

Tuesday, October 31 2017

25 calls for service.

It’s Hallowe’en! 

As a reminder, as per provincial fireworks regulations, fireworks may only be sold, given, fire, or set off between October 24 and November 1. So fire everything you’ve got, don’t save anything for later.

Trick or Treating!

If you have children that will be out please walk with them, have them wear bright costumes or have flashlights, check all their candy before they eat any and be aware of vehicle traffic. 

Stay safe and have lots of fun!

October 15 - The Gabriola RCMP received a report of a missing person. There is information that the missing person may be in Ontario. Still under investigation.

October 17 - Stephen King’s “IT”. A male called to report that several people were trying to get into his residence to party. All persons reportedly were wearing clown masks. The male called a second time stating that there were now two dead bodies on his porch. The police arrived finding that there were no bodies or clowns in the residence. 

The ambulance was called as the police were suspicious that something may be medically wrong with the male. If the male had stated that the bodies were floating I may have called for a lot more back up. 

Two reports of illegal hunting on Valdes Island. The suspect was wearing a large red hunting cap carrying a firearm chasing an animal with fury ears. There is video surveillance of the suspects and identities have been confirmed not to be Porky Pig or Bugs Bunny. 

October 21 - I Love Lucy. A male called police asking for assistance to get into his residence. Police arrived to find that his wife had locked him out of the residence as the male had went out to visit some friends which caused a wee bit of friction. 

All attempts to gain access to the residence were unsuccessful. As the male did not have a dog house he said that he would sleep in his vehicle for the night. 

Sometime during the early morning hours he became cold, found a ladder and knocked on the bedroom window until his wife allowed him to enter the residence.

October 23 - Theft of outside garden ornaments. Someone decided that they could not live without a concrete mushroom, glass bird bath and a hummingbird feeder. Who knew these would be such high commodities to steal? There is no surveillance on this one so we cannot confirm Tweety Bird as a suspect. 

October 26 - While on the ferry from Nanaimo to Gabriola a male acted inappropriately toward a young female in the passenger seating area. The male was located and arrested for a criminal offence. If while riding the ferry you see anything that concerns you please interject and assist, or get a ferry employee to help while calling 911. The type of behaviours exhibited by this male were nowhere close to being acceptable and needed to be stopped immediately. BC Ferries staff has been contacted to have the male banned from riding the ferry.

October 27 - Employees at the Village Food Market called to report that a male was in the lunch break area at the rear of the building acting aggressively and would not leave. The police arrived to find that it was the same male as was on the ferry the day prior. The male did not wish to listen to Cpl. Dame’s repeated directions to have him nicely sit in the back seat of the police vehicle. This is one of those instances where this is not going to work in your favour. 

The male was arrested and decided to resist that arrest which of course resulted in an unfavourable outcome for him. The male was placed into handcuffs and then placed into the back seat of the awaiting police vehicle. 

The male was then transported across to Nanaimo where he received a nice bed and warm blanket in a municipal lodging facility (Nanaimo RCMP cells). 

This male is batting a 1000. Two visits in two days with two arrests!

October 27 - While writing this report I received my first complaint about the content that I put in the police report. The complainant felt that I should not make fun of certain people. I take each complaint seriously so I processed what was said to me and have come to this conclusion. 

My goal is not to make fun of people but rather try to find the humour in the everyday situations while working as a police officer. Many of these situations are heartbreaking and difficult to process psychologically and emotionally. Each person that we come into contact with is treated with respect and compassion. A lot of work is put into helping these people behind the scenes that the public does not know about. So I will continue writing my reports while taking into consideration what was said to me. 

I tawt I taw a garden ornament. 

I did I did taw a garden ornament. (Tweety Bird)