RCMP Report - Oct. 28 to Nov. 4

Cpl. Nathan Dame

Detachment Commander, Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, November 7 2017

11 calls for service 

So it’s snowing on Gabriola in case you didn’t notice. Mud and snow (M+S rating) tires are required. On certain highways around the province you will be required to have winter tires (which have the snowflake emblem on the side of the tire) or chains, so do your research when travelling. Yes, winter tires do make a difference over all-season tires, and speed also plays a large factor; 4-wheel drive is handy but will only help you slide off the road quicker if you hit some ice. So please slow down. 

On November 11 the Gabriola RCMP is proud to be hosting the ceremonies for this day. Service starts at 10:45 a.m. Based on the Canadian threat levels you will see more of a police presence. Most of the RCMP members will be in their red uniforms with some other police officers in regular uniform. This is only for the public and our valued veteran’s safety. 

October 28 - The Gabriola RCMP received a complaint about ongoing fireworks for the past 20 minutes. The complainant was concerned about the potential fire hazard. Cst. Hilland attended and explained that the fireworks were for Hallowe’en and were put on by the local fire department every year. Once hearing this information the complainant apologized for the call. 

October 29 - A report of a male yelling near the BC Ferries parking lot. Police arrived to find that the male had stopped yelling and was waiting for the next ferry. He was asked about his behaviour and replied that he was trying to help the ferries out by yelling at the fishing boats that were blocking the ferry route. As it was for a good cause he should have been provided a loud-hailer but he was asked to quiet it down for the rest of his trip.

October 29 - Sexual assault report. Police arrived at the location, arrested the suspect and transported him to Nanaimo’s cells. Charges are pending and the suspect is not a resident of Gabriola Island.

October 30 - Hollywood level fraud. You can’t handle the truth! The Gabriola RCMP received a report of a well-acted-out fraud. A female actor called the complainant stating she was her daughter. The actor was crying saying she was in police custody then hung up after stating a lawyer would be calling. Through the crying sobs the female actor stated several details that lead the complainant to believe it was her daughter. A male actor (the lawyer) called shortly after and of course at the end of his story asked that some money be sent so that the daughter could be bailed out. With some help the complainant realized it was a fraud and did not send the money and reported it to the police. With the assistance of the Quebec police the so-called lawyer has been arrested in that province. If convicted, the actors may be able to practice their acting skills on a reality TV show called Truth or Jail.

October 31 - Explosive situation. While excavating an area on a property, the complainant located two wires extruding from a drilled blasting hole. The complainant being the savvy individual that he is decided to stop the work and contacted the police. The police investigated the wire and with the help of an explosive expert determined that the explosives had done their job and were no longer in the hole. This was fortunate as, yes, it would have been an amazing fireworks display on Hallowe’en night but the homeowners would have been building a new house where their newly built house once stood. 

On November 1 at 11:30 p.m. on North Road, a report of a single vehicle collision was reported to BC Ambulance Service with the Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department and the Gabriola RCMP also responding. The driver of the vehicle sustained serious injuries and was air-lifted via helicopter to the Victoria General Hospital. The driver is still in the hospital but is in stable condition at this time. A huge thank you to the ambulance and fire crews as they did an amazing job attending to the driver. The collision is still under investigation by the RCMP.

Thank you for all the support the community has shown in regard to the police report. As a result, the RCMP has asked that I forward the reports to them to be posted on the RCMP website.  One last tidbit of advice. As we do not have any businesses that sell snow cones in the area please don’t eat discoloured snow. Stay warm Gabriola!