RCMP Report - Sept. 18 to Sept. 30

Cpl. Nathan Dame, Detachment Commander

Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, October 3 2017

35 calls for service.

Over this reporting time the Gabriola RCMP have received reports of theft and some attempted B&E’s. I have also heard of some other Break and enters that have not been reported. All the reports are believed to involve the same person. The investigation is ongoing.

September 21 - Single vehicle collison on Taylor Bay Rd. The vehicle crossed into the oncoming lane and ended up driving through a wood fence landing in the ditch with the driver sustaining minor injuries. The fence on the other hand did not make it through the night as it succumbed to a slivered branch-ial artery. 

September 24 - The RCMP received a report that a male dressed in a black hoodie was talking to himself and was possibly trying to light up some drugs. The male was gone when police arrived. This could be some concerning behaviours in some places but the police were not as concerned as he was not naked and was on Gabriola Island.

September 25 - Cujo or just a very smart dog? It has been reported that a dog has been trying to hitch a ride and has been attacking the bumper of the garbage truck on garbage collection day. The complainant was afraid that the dog may be run over by the truck and has been luring the dog away with 15 treats each time. It takes 15 treats to give the truck enough time to escape the clutches of scrappy dog. I think am leaning toward a very smart dog because if I were a dog and every time this particular truck came by I would attack it as well. 15 treats is a good score! 

September 26 - The bikini bandit.  A male resident of Nanaimo made his way into the Hive to take a look around one sunny Gabriola afternoon. 

The male did not realize that several people were sitting on the second floor having coffee watching him. The male grabbed a pair of bikini bottoms and left the store without paying. One of the employees was alerted to the theft and saw the bandit near the village market.  A second employee followed the male into the Co-op gas station confronting the bikini bandit, opened up his bag and grabbed the bikini from the would be thief before he could put them on. Shortly after a seasoned but good looking police officer located the bikini bandit behind the village briefly arresting the stunned looking thief. The bikini bandit exclaimed that he did not mean to steal the bikini bottoms but I think he meant to say that he did not mean to get caught stealing the bikini bottoms. I can only surmise that he was preparing for next summer.

September 27 - Cyclist vs. vehicle mirror. The complainant reported that they were cycling on North Rd when a vehicle came up behind them honking their horn. The vehicle attempted to get by the cyclist but ended up striking one of them on the way by with the vehicles passenger side mirror. The driver did stop to apologize but at the same time stated to the cyclist that it was their fault that they were struck. I don’t think that counts as an apology.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy the weekend! 

Gobble Gobble.