RDN approves $75,000 in Community Works funds for Huxley Park Phase 2 costing

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, June 5 2018

The Regional District of Nanaimo Board has approved a $75,000 expenditure from Community Works funding for RDN staff to proceed with the construction drawings of the Huxley Park skatepark plan.

The Board has also approved $10,000 in Community Works funds to be spent on painting new pickleball lines in the Huxley Park sport court.

RDN Park staff explained that the paint being used for the pickleball lines is a specific paint which will not be a slipping hazard for any of the users (pickleball, road hockey, et cetera) who run in the sport court.

The skatepark, as well as upgrading of the Huxley Park parking lot area, is the second phase in the Huxley Park master plan.

Phase 1 was completed in 2017 and included a new playground, tennis court resurfacing, and new dasherboards for the sports court. Total cost on Phase 1 was $369,321. Thanks to grants, community donations and Community Works funds, the RDN paid just over $57,000 from the Electoral Area B Community Parks Capital Reserves.

Phase 2 improvements are planned for 2020 and include the concrete 762 square metre (8,202 square feet) skatepark; a new park entrance; parking lot; and pedestrian path connections. Estimated cost for Phase 2 is $420,000.

The RDN has given the Gabriola community a target of April 2019 to raise $72,000 for the skatepark. This represents 20 per cent of the construction cost of the skatepark portion of the Huxley development.

The Gabriola Skatepark Fundraising Association is coordinating fundraising efforts to reach that goal of $72,000. The RDN will then seek out the rest of the Phase 2 funding, either through grants or RDN funding.

RDN Director Howard Houle has said he hopes to break ground in late 2019 or early 2020. The Preferred Conceptual Plan for the skatepark is now complete and the next step is the development of the construction drawings and project costing that will assist with budget planning and future grant application purposes. In order to proceed with the construction drawings, up to $75,000 from Electoral Area B Community Works Funds is required.