RDN partnering with fire services for fuel management in 707 and Cox Parks

Elaine McCulloch, Gabriola Parks Planner

Regional District of Nanaimo

Tuesday, March 28 2017

The Regional District of Nanaimo is working with the Coastal Fire Service to complete routine maintenance trail brushing along the Old Centre Rd Trail and other named trails within the 707 Community Park and to undertake forest fuel reduction works along some trails in Cox Community Park. 

Parks has been carrying out these cooperative efforts with the Coastal Wildfire Center in other RDN parks for several years now.  We get a significant amount of fire hazard reduction work done in our parks, and they get a training opportunity for their crews – a win-win for everyone. 

This year’s fire hazard reduction program is focused on providing firefighting access and fuel management in Gabriola’s community parks due to concerns raised by Gabriola Fire Chief, Rick Jackson. The works will provide improved access for the Fire Department should they need to respond to an incident.

The fire crew will be staying at the Albert Reed Memorial Fire Hall, and the Fire Department will be taking the opportunity to carry out some cross training with the Coastal Fire Crew. As the works benefit both parties, the only costs to the RDN are for some additional travel and per-diem costs for the Fire Crew.

The work at 707 Community Park and Cox Community Park is focused on fuel management and access and will not involve prescribed burns.