RDN purchases 9 acres to secure headwaters of Coats Marsh within 707 Community Park

Regional District of Nanaimo

Press Release

Tuesday, October 13 2020

The 707 Community Park on Gabriola Island now includes an additional 9 acres (3.64 hectares) of forested land. The second-largest park in the RDN, 707 Community Park has now grown to an impressive 1,052 acres (425.7 ha) in size. 

The RDN listened to the community’s interests, and together with the Gabriola Land and Trails Trust who provided a generous donation, the RDN was able to make the parkland purchase. The property officially became part of the park on October 9, 2020. The existing 707 Community Park management plan will provide management direction for the new parkland addition.

Situated within the Coats Marsh watershed, the new parkland property is an integral part of the Coats Marsh hydrological system. The parkland addition will provide increased ecological protection to Coats Marsh, a rare, ecologically sensitive Gulf Island freshwater wetland. This wetland is the primary management focus of neighbouring Coats Marsh Regional ParkThe new property also connects an existing, well-used trail, formalizing a 2.3 km trail loop in the southern quadrant of the park.

In 2018, 136 hectares were added to the 707 Community Park through the Church/Spruce Road rezoning.  This rezoning process resulted in a 3.64-hectare parcel that was excluded from the park at that time. However, due to community interest in having this property added to the park, the Islands Trust required the developer to provide the right of first refusal to purchase the land to the RDN.

For more information about RDN community parks and trails, please visit: rdn.bc.ca/community-parks-and-trails.