Road line painting complete for 2017

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, August 22 2017

There won’t be any more lines painted on Gabriola’s roads this year - according to staff from the Transportation Ministry (MOTI).

Stu Johnson and Mike Pearson, local MOTI managers for the Gabriola area, said all the line painting for 2017 has been completed.

Pearson said this year saw 40km of roadways receive new yellow lines, more than any previous year.

While there are islanders appreciative of what has been done this year, there were discrepancies in what had been planned, and what actually went down on the road.

Johnson said the plan was to have every road on the GERTIE routes painted.

Pat Burns Avenue and Lockinvar Lane were missed, both are on the GERTIE route.

Lockinvar in particular was confusing as it is one of the most heavily-travelled roads on the island, and was missed in the previous round of line painting.

Johnson said he couldn’t explain how those were missed, and would need to look into it with the contractors hired for the work.

MOTI staff were asked if anyone was liable if there was an accident as a result of there being no line.

Pearson said if there is a yellow line, that introduces liability. 

“If the line is gone completely, then it would be the same as any subdivision road that doesn’t have one.”

Gabriolan Gail Lund pointed out that not only is Lockinvar on the GERTIE route and well-travelled by cars, “ it is full of strollers, bikes, and baby carriages - that needs to be done.”

Pearson said just because a road wasn’t done this year doesn’t mean it won’t be done next year.

Gabriolan Frank Shoemaker said in response that, “these are safety issues.

“These aren’t discretionary - they are part of the safety of our community. I have trouble hearing you saying there is a budget, but also hearing that the province has a $2.5 billion surplus.”

The timing of the line painting, well into the second half of July, was also questioned. Johnson said, “to get the per-kilometer price we needed to get, it is a large contract. They do the entirety of Vancouver Island and then come to the gulf islands.”

He was asked if there is anything islanders can do to help.

Pearsson said, “what would be helpful is if we knew what roads should be prioritized, and if we could be provided with that list.

“I can’t commit to saying we’ll do all the roads on the list, but it will help to knowing the ones we should do.”

Richard Pullano said he could not accept lines not getting painted.

“It’s a matter of life and death.

“To whom do we write or bang on doors? Someone has a key to help us get this done.”

Pearson clarified the staff doing the line painting were a private company hired by MOTI - so getting more lines done is a matter of more funding, not a matter of getting more work time for MOTI staff.