Sports fishing group renews support for fight against anchorages proposed off Gabriola

Gabriolans Against Freighter Anchorages

Press Release

Tuesday, June 27 2017

Nobody knows  how devastating the prospect of huge commercial freighters anchoring in the waters off Gabriola’s North East coast would be, more than Bob Meyer.

Bob is the owner/operator of Silver Blue Charter and has fished the waters around Gabriola Island for over 40 years. He’s also one of the key organizers of the Gabriola Salmon Derby which took place earlier this month.

When he talks about the industry’s plans to create more anchorages for ships heading to the Port of Vancouver, his eyes grow dark.

“The incredible biological importance of the area between Orlebar Point and The Flat Top Islands as a Chinook salmon migration route and feeding station, Orca pathway and feeding station, and rockfish and ling nursery, should outweigh the need of irreparably damaging the area by the anchoring of five cape sized freighters through its’ midst.”

Last thursday Meyer (on left) met with Chris Straw (right) of Gabriolans Against  Freighter Anchorages, to present a donation on behalf of the Salmon Derby and to talk about the latest developments in the ongoing fight to get Transport Canada Minister Marc Garneau to turn down the proposal.

“GAFA is very grateful for this donation and for the on going support of Bob and others in the  Sports Fishing world.” said Straw.

“We now know that the federal government is finally getting down to the work of establishing a process for designating new anchorages through the Oceans Protection Plan  and that will provide the framework industry hopes to use to go ahead with the Gabriola project..”

GAFA is working to get more information on the timeline for that process and according to Straw, the next few months will be very important in getting their message out. Straw said, “As we’ve been saying for the last 2 years, these anchorages will bring nothing but harm to Gabriola and the surrounding waters and the onus should be on the Port of Vancouver and Transport Canada to improve operations inside the Port, instead of allowing industrial scale activity to spill over into the Gulf Islands and Gabriola in particular.” 

For more information on this issue visit GAFA.CA or write to the group at