Staff recommend giving Potlatch OCP/LUB bylaws second reading

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, January 10 2017

Gabriola Island planning staff are recommending the Potlatch Density Transfer application Bylaws (289 and 290) be given a second reading - with one amendment being made to Bylaw 290 (Land Use Bylaw amendment) to lock the number of lots in the proposed subdivision at 25.

As stated in the staff report being presented this coming Thursday, staff say the proposed regulations of the zoning should be enough to keep the number of lots created at the proposed 25.

The report states, “However, an additional regulation to limit the number of lots in the RR2 zone to 25 may alleviate the concern that has been raised by some community members that a minimum average lot area of 1.9 ha could yield more than 25 lots at the time of subdivision. Notwithstanding this regulation, a restrictive covenant would still be registered to limit the number of lots to 25.”

If the bylaw is given a second reading this Thursday, this would mean there are three ways the subdivision would be limited to 25 lots. 

The first being the 1.9 ha minimum average lot size.

The second being the proposed amendment, which states, “Despite any other provision of this bylaw, the maximum number of lots permitted in the Resource Residential 2 (RR2) zone is 25.”

The third would be a covenant signed by the applicants prior to the amendments being given final reading and approval.

This amendment was the only change that staff recommended making to the proposed bylaws prior to giving them second readings.

The Gabriola Local Trust Committee will be meeting this coming Thursday, Jan. 12, starting at 10:15 a.m. 

Note: because of the work being done at the Gabriola Arts Centre, the meeting will be held in the Heron Room at the Haven. 

The full agenda can be viewed at in the Gabriola section, or at the Trust Office on North Road.