Street racing in Cedar audible in Folklife Village

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, October 25 2016

Street racing in Cedar and Duke Point has been heard thru the summer, and as seen in the Letters section of this Sounder, residents of the western end of Gabriola are growing tired of the noise.

Cst Gary O’Brien, Media Relations Officer/Crime Stoppers Coordinator said the Nanaimo RCMP are aware of the racing going on, but need to be made aware of the noise when residents hear it.

“We are aware of it. It rears it’s ugly head when you have a group of guys who have a collective interest. We monitor it the best we can.”

O’Brien said the difficulty in cracking down on street racing, as law enforcement across Canada has found, is racers today are, “pretty savvy. They often have lookouts. But often cracking down on it puts an end to it for the immediate future.”

Cedar and Duke Point being relatively remote, compared to the rest of the City of Nanaimo, even if RCMP are made aware of the racing and send someone out to the area, it can take 15 to 20 minutes for police to get there. “By that time, they are gone.”

Nanaimo RCMP can be called 24 hours a day at 250-754-2345.