Sue DeCarteret remembered for her passion for Gabriola, Sounder

Gabriola Sounder

Tuesday, December 29 2015

This past October, Sue DeCarteret, former owner of the Gabriola Sounder, died in Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. She was predeceased by her husband Bill DeCarteret who died in 2008.

Photo courtesy Jordan Sorrenti

Former Sounder publishers and owners wrote in with their memories and to express their condolences to Sue’s extended family.

Barb and Alan Howardson, who founded the Sounder, wrote, “Sue was a warm & generous soul who we were privileged to know & call a friend. We miss her dearly.”

“We actually knew Sue for 21 years. We first met her when she & Alan ran for Islands Trust. 

“We got to know her and [her husband] Bill very well. Sue’s experience with the Nanaimo newspaper made her a perfect person to turn over the Sounder to. She put her heart & soul into making the paper truly reflect the heart of Gabriola.”

Jordan Sorrenti wrote, “Kerry and I have been travelling frequently off-island and only recently heard that our dear friend Sue had passed away. Sue was more than a friend, she was also for many years a mentor and business associate. She took my interest in news publishing seriously and nurtured this interest by allowing me to work with her and her husband Bill at the Sounder in the 90s.  Back then I was a “cottager” and during my island sojourns I would contribute photos, write articles, submit food columns and more.

“Sue was my Editor and Bill the publisher. The Sounder in the 90s was published every two weeks and Sue was energetic in keeping the community updated on events and island life. Musicians, artists, political activists and local businesses all benefited from Sue’s editorial vision. 

“My ambition was to become the editor of the Sounder on my retirement and to that end I invested in the Sounder and we became partners. The Sounder became a weekly newspaper, Kerry started writing her popular food column and the four of us became a great team.

“Times change and after the unfortunate death of her husband Bill, Sue’s interest in publishing waned and the Sounder was sold to a wonderful couple who now continue to contribute to the community. 

“I sincerely hope all will remember Sue’s contribution to Gabriola, her love for the island through the good and the bad and her legacy of support for all island residents.”

Current Editor Derek Kilbourn, who took ownership of the Sounder in 2008 with Publisher Sarah Holmes, said, “we were saddened to hear of Sue’s passing in October. When we took over the paper in 2008, Sue encouraged us, and helped us understand many of the unique ways in which Gabriola operated.”

“Her family has been a part of Gabriola for a very long time, and she always continued to have an interest in what was happening here at the Sounder.”