Sunday's planned power outage cancelled

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, October 18 2016

BC Hydro has delayed the outage it had planned for this Sunday, October 23.

Karla Louwers, BC Hydro Public Affairs Officer said, “We have had an unexpected delay in getting the needed material for Sunday’s job and will have to postpone the outage. We expect to reschedule the work / outage for November, but at this time there is no confirmed date.”

BC Hydro had planned on turning off the electricity to Mudge and Gabriola Islands, as the company needs to complete repairs to the lines over Dodd Narrows.

As most islanders remember, the lines were severed, along with telecommunication lines for Telus and Shaw, by a crane heading through Dodd Narrows on September 27.

All three companies restored service, but the aerial balls which are to be mounted on the Hydro lines need to be installed.

Ted Olynyk, BC Hydro Communications Manager said, “we’re asking people to plan for six hours. We don’t believe it should take that long, but we want to give people the opportunity.

“We only have to do six marker balls - it should take maybe three hours to four hours to do. But because we’re dealing with weather, and a helicopter, there could be all these factors that could influence the time. So we want people to be prepared for six. But it will likely shorter than that.”

Olynyk said BC Hydro may have been able to attach the balls to the lines when the lines were repaired.

But the other companies were waiting to get their line repairs done.

“And this needs full daylight [helicopters] and when the power came on it was 4pm and we were losing daylight. “We just wouldn’t have had the window of opportunity when we did it.” 

Olynyk said only BC Hydro will be installing the marker balls, the other two companies don’t have balls on the lines.