Supreme Court judge declares April 24 Fire Board election, "of no effect" and orders new election for August 21, 2019

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, July 2 2019

A judge with the BC Supreme Court has granted the order sought by petitioners to declare the April 24 2019 Election of the Gabriola Fire Protection Improvement District, “of no effect.”

That decision was made in Supreme Court room in the Nanaimo Courthouse on July 2, 2019.

This legally nullifies the election held during the Annual General Meeting of the Fire District.

Petitioners Drew Stanliand, April Vannini, and Ivan Bulic were present in the court room with their representative.

Lawyer Jennifer Millbank represented the Fire District in court. No one from the GFPID Board or Gabriola Fire Department were in attendance. 

A new election has been ordered by the court to be held on August 21, 2019, as requested by the Fire District. In ordering the new election, the judge ordered the District to also provide for property owners to be able to vote by way of absentee ballots, citing that with it being an election during a summer month, owners may not be on island to take part in the election in person.

The judge was requested by the petitioners’ representative to also make a ruling on whether Paul Giffin and Paul Champion (who had been elected April 24) could continue as elected trustees, if the April 24 election is of no effect.

The judge said that decision was not before him today; and that he would not be making a decision on that matter.