Taylor Bay work will see some widening for pedestrian/cyclists

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, March 21 2017

The roadwork being planned for this spring on Taylor Bay Road will not include any formal inclusion of cycling lanes as per the Transportation Ministry’s memorandum-of-understanding (MOU) with the Islands Trust.

An existing agreement between the Ministry (MOTI) and the Islands Trust provides that during upgrading of designated roads paved bicycle paths - separated from the vehicle lanes with painted lines - will be constructed on both sides of the road. 

This would apply to routes that have been designated by the Gabriola Local Trust Committee within an official cycling route plan. A cycling route plan was approved by the Gabriola Local Trust Committee in 2010 after a group of Gabriolans (dubbed the Cyclepaths) volunteered their time to put it together and wrote, “Shared Roadways – Gabriola Cycle Route Plan.

This past week, Ministry staff clarified the, “MOU with the Islands Trust relates to widening during road upgrades to accommodate a 1.2m paved shoulder. 

“The work planned for this spring is not an upgrade of the roadway but rehabilitation of an existing culvert and road base repair. 

“However, some widening will be created through the road base repair that will accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.”

Cyclepath member Steve Earle said he was glad to see that there was going to be some widening of the road at the intersection for pedestrians and cyclists.

Trustee Heather O’Sullivan said, “It does seem however that there is some room for clarification in terms of how MOTI or the Islands Trust will differentiate between an ‘upgrade’ to a road and road ‘rehabilitation’.  And that is something the Trust should probably endeavor to clarify with MOTI at the next opportunity”

The extent of the maintenance project is the immediate area around the intersection of North Road and Taylor Bay Road.

As the work is weather dependent, the ministry is not planning to place notices in the Sounder in advance, but will be placing roadside message signs to notify residents and travellers of construction activities and timing.