Thieves break into Decourcy homes

Sounder News

Wednesday, January 29 2020

At least three homes on Decourcy Island were broken into the week of January 13, according to resident Timothy Plommer. He contacted the Sounder after seeing the article outlining how homes on Valdes Island had been broken into. His house, along with two others, were ransacked by would-be thieves.

 Plommer said in his case, “there was not much stolen (two boat batteries and most of my gasoline) but my house was turned upside down. The thieves broke in through our front door and did the same to two other cabins along the waterfront.”

Ian Parkinson, President of the Decourcy Island Community Association said in an email to island residents that the exact date of the break-ins was difficult to pinpoint.

The properties which were broken into are on the south-west corner of the island, and were discovered by a person checking properties for wind and snow damage following the January storms. No additional homes have been found damaged. Plommer said RCMP have been notified. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Gabriola RCMP at 250-248-8333 or Nanaimo Crimestoppers.