Time limits for the ferry parking lot

Steve Earle Co-Chair

Gabriola Ferry Advisory Committee

Tuesday, April 4 2017

The Gabriola Ferry Advisory Committee is concerned about the use of the BC Ferries Descanso Bay lot for long-term parking. 

We’ve noticed that a few vehicles have been sitting there for weeks – even months! 

At present there are no posted time limits on this lot, but BC Ferries is willing to change that, and to enforce it. 

We want your opinion on what would be a reasonable time limit for this lot: 12 hours, 24 hours, more, less...? 

We’ve created an on-line survey that can be accessed from the Gabriola FAC page. Go to the “Have your say” link near to the top of the Gabriola FAC web site. 

Please take a couple of minutes to do the survey. There is an opportunity there to leave comments. If you are unable to do the survey on-line, there are paper copies at the desk at the library.