Trespassers light stump on fire in Legends

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Wednesday, July 3 2019

A stump fire on an undeveloped lot off Seymour Road has area residents concerned people may be using it as a party spot.

Jethro Baker, Fire Captain with the Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department, was duty officer over the June 22/23 weekend.

He said on June 22, a passerby in the early morning saw a stump on fire in one of the empty lots on Seymour.

Baker said, “When I arrived, the persons had put the fire out. I checked for hot spots with the thermal imaging camera, put a bit more water on it.”

The lot, one of the ones that allows people to have a view of the Salish Sea, has become well used as a ‘hangout’ with people on dirt bikes and other vehicles witnessed driving on to the private property; leaving empty cigarette butts and other trash.

Baker said whoever had lit the fire on June 22 also cut down an arbutus tree that had been growing near the lit stump. I taped off the access, reported it to RCMP. Since then there have been reports of people back at the viewpoint. I’ve advised people in the area to call the RCMP if they see any more persons people in that area, or on any empty lot. If fires are lit, call 911.”

Gabriola RCMP confirmed  they have received reports of people using the empty lots as a place to party - those found doing so could face a trespassing penalty.