Vehicle rear-ended while doing illegal U-turn for ferry lineup

Cpl. Markus M√ľntener, Detachment Commander

Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, December 29 2015

On December 22 at approximately 9:30am a vehicle was driving along Taylor Bay Rd. (from North Rd.) near the ferry turn around. When the vehicle went around the corner near 649 Taylor Bay Rd. it came upon a pickup truck stopped in the middle of the lane. 

This pickup truck was waiting to pull into the ferry line overflow in a prohibited U-turn section. Due to the steep hill and sharp corner the vehicle coming along the roadway did not see them until it was too late, ultimately rear-ending the truck. No serious injuries were reported, however both vehicles ended up blocking traffic, causing a further hazard to other cars along that stretch of road. The driver of the pickup truck was issued a ticket for making/attempting a u-turn in a prohibited zone. The driver of the vehicle travelling long Taylor Bay Rd. was quite shook up and has likely had significant out of town Christmas plans ruined as a result. 

Police would like to remind everyone that this collision is the exact reason why there are two “No U-Turn” signs at that spot and why a designated U-Turn spot is identified with signage at Ivory Way. 

Police remained on scene after the collision was cleared and within 10 minutes located another pickup truck doing an illegal u-turn in the exact same spot. 

This driver was also issued an illegal u-turn ticket. 

It can be stressful trying to make a ferry during the busy holiday season, however a missed ferry is not nearly as bad as the possible alternative.  In the interests of public safety, police will continue to enforce the No U-Turn section of the ferry line on Taylor Bay Rd.