Village Way construction to start after Labour Day

Derek Kilbourn

Wednesday, February 19 2020

The Regional District of Nanaimo Parks Department is looking to begin construction of the Village Way Trail after Labour Day weekend this year.

Yann Gagnon, Manager of RDN Parks Services, Recreation and Parks Department, reported this at the Electoral Area B (Gabriola, Mudge, DeCourcy) Parks and Open Spaces Advisory Committee (POSAC), held on February 10 on Gabriola at the GAC Hall.

The Village Way Trail will connect on the north side of North Road, from Tin Can Alley to the intersection of North and South Road at the top of ferry hill.

Gagnon said construction has to be timed for when materials are ready, as the RDN will be using asphalt for the trail.

Because it is through the Village area of Gabriola, the RDN is also trying to not have it take place during the busier part of the year, so as to avoid disrupting Gabriola’s commercial core.

Gagnon said the “directive is to have shovels in the ground for 2020. Hopefully once the budget is approved we can start with initiating a procurement process.”

Staff with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) were asked if the agreements were in place to allow the RDN to construct the trail as proposed in the MOTI right-of-way along North Road.

MOTI staff responded saying, “The Ministry and Regional District of Nanaimo are working on final details that would allow the Gabriola Village Pathway to proceed.”

According to the RDN Parks website, the draft Village Way design calls for approximately 1.5 km of 2 m wide path separated from the drivable surface of North Road by an asphalt curb and a 0.3 m gravel buffer. 

The road shoulder will be repaved and provide 0.9 m of clean asphalt from fog line to curb for use by road cyclists. Road drainage will be managed by a system of spillways or shallow catch basins, manholes, infiltration trenches and culverts. 

The path surface, which sits at grade with the top of the asphalt curb and starts 0.3 m from top of curb, will be hard surface along business frontages and cart path gravel beyond. A series of retaining walls and slope will separate path from private property.