Wettest October on record for Gabriola

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, November 8 2016

The verdict is in, last month was the wettest October on record for Gabriola.

That according to the daily measurements taken by Eric Boulton at Somerset Farms at the corner of North Road and Peterson Road.

Boulton’s been recording daily weather results since the 1960s.

“This is the wettest October by a country mile in over 50 years of weather keeping here at the farm.”

His records show Gabriola received 190.1mm of rain (7.48in).

Over on the Lower Mainland, the weather station at Vancouver International Airport was also showing 190mm of rain for October; the yearly average is 120mm (4.72in).

Most years October has seen from five to six inches of rain. In the first decade (1965 - 1975) that Boulton was recording rainfall, the 10-year average was 3.49 inches. 

From the start of January to the end of September, the island received 27 to 28 inches (685 - 711mm) of rain. Boulton’s projecting the year-end total to be close to 45 inches once November and December are done.

“The ground has required it. People say under trees they can still shake dust, even with all this moisture.

“The sump in our basement has gone dry over the past couple summers. It was just in the latter part of September that it actually started to make water.”

This past summer wasn’t too bad for rainfall either, as Boulton pointed out. Almost an inch of rain fell in both April and May, with decent rainfalls during July and August and almost two inches of rain in September.

Boulton said not everyone’s well will rejuvenate right away, as the water trickles down to the bottom of the wells.