50% Election Bribe


Tuesday, February 28 2017

The current Liberal government has promised to cut MSP payments in half in the coming provincial budget.

For those households with net family annual incomes between $29,000 and $120,000.

As John Horgan from the NDP pointed out in an op-ed this past week, MSP payments have more than doubled since the  Liberals took power. And not for a second should those payments be considered for health care. The break is one needed by everyone who qualifies - but it’s one that shouldn’t have had to be made.

It’s unlikely to see Gabriola give any representative of the Christy Clark government a chance to govern.

Whether the rest of the province does is still to be seen.

The pre-election goodies are coming out. Voters have been known to have short memories. 

Friends and families living in Liberal areas need to be wined, dined, and reminded of what the Liberals have done (and not done) for the past four years.

Otherwise, we’re going to end up with four more Liberal years.