72 hours

Tuesday, May 9 2017

Being able to survive for 72 hours (three days) without any help from the outside world. It sounds possible.

As Gabriolans found out last September, even having just our electrical and communication lines to the outside world cut can make life, well, difficult. (Not to mention scary when there was no functioning 911 service).

The electricity was out for just shy of three days. Communication lines took an extra couple days to get hooked up.

But that was with Gabriola (and Mudge) getting the full attention of those service providers. And for the most part, local shops and retailers did their best to still provide goods and services during the emergency.

In a larger emergency, such as a coast-wide earthquake, we’re going to be a little further down the line on getting service restored. And resupplied with food and other essentials.

Imagine trying to keep the family fed for a minimum of three days with whatever is in the fridge and pantry at this very moment. Keeping the generator going with the fuel currently on hand. This also assumes the house is a place that is still safe to stay after ‘the emergency’ happens.

This week, May 7-13, is Emergency Preparedness Week.

The Gabriola Fire Department is hosting an Open House this Saturday. The Gabriola Emergency Social Services group will have a table set up at the Albert Reed Memorial Fire Hall #1 on Church Street, with plenty of information on how to get individual households prepared, as well as how an island-wide response might look - if it was ever needed.

More information on getting preparedness kits together for homes and businesses can be found on the federal government web site, getprepared.ca