80% of funds raised to meet government requirement for first refugee family

Tuesday, January 12 2016

Thank you Gabriolans for your generous support of SAGA (SAnctuary GAbriola) and our commitment to refugee sponsorship on Gabriola. As of January 1, 2016 you have put $22,000 in SAGA’s Credit Union account making us very close to meeting the government financial requirement for the first of our two refugee families by having 80% of the total $30,000. The selection of the first family can now begin.

Gabriola is a beautiful and safe haven, the very thing a family fleeing war and terrorism needs. We are guided by experienced sponsorship agreement holders with expert knowledge of refugee resettlement and it is known that refugees fare the very best when they are supported in a small community just like ours. New arrivals here will first need to heal, get grounded, learn English and Canadian ways. Then begins the search for employment. Most come with skills that take time to adjust to a foreign setting and patience will be needed from everyone. Adjusting to life as a Canadian takes all kinds of help and we are legally responsible for the financial, emotional, and moral support of these refugees.

Already we have lawyers working with us, male and female translators , a group of English as a Second Language teachers, trauma counsellors and many other wonderful volunteers who are sharing their valuable gifts of time and energy. 

With your support, SAGA continues to work hard to raise the funding needed, find suitable housing for a family of 4, and locate clean dry storage for the goods collected . If you can help, please contact us at SAGA.

~ John Van Praet johnvanpraet@hotmailcom

Heather Kay   hmkay1225@gmail.com

Cindy Russell    crrussell@shaw.ca