A dollop of good will (Not courtesy of the Canadian government)

Janina Stajic


Monday, December 3 2012

Once again, thanks to Harper & Co., Canada has the disgraceful distinction of being one of the few ‘fossilized’ countries that refuse to accept that the status quo isn’t working and things need to change. Yes, I’m talking about that appalling choice to vote against statehood for the Palestinians. Canada was one of only nine countries who voted against it. Every other major power (except the U.S.) either abstained or voted for it. [Side note: If there’s any Canadian left who doubts Harper wants to make us into a mini U.S. pre-Obama style, then they’re as blind as, well, Harper).
To make it worse John Baird had the ignorance to threaten the Palestinians with repercussions. Whoa, I’m sure those Palestinians are shaking with fear, because like, their lives have been so great the past gazillion years, that sanctions from Canada would really mess them up. What planet is this government living on? Anyway, since this is the season of good will, which we clearly can’t count on Harper & Co. to dole out, I thought I’d end my little rant on a positive note, one that would probably make Harper cringe. ’Cause this one is about the amazing events captured on security cameras around the world showing people actually being nice to each other. I know Harper loves those security cameras, as they’re catching all the criminals he wants to stick in his new prisons. But for the rest of us, who like to look at things differently, this video is not to be missed. It captures attacks of friendship, acts of kindness, peaceful warriors and, my favourite, people stealing kisses. So if the world is getting you down take a moment and Google ‘security camera catch different.’ It won’t restore your faith in our government, but it’ll put your faith back in humanity.