A response to the fire trustee election

Wednesday, May 1 2019

Let me start by saying I have never considered myself to be a “political” person. 

However, I was surprised and dismayed by the voting process that took place at the fire hall trustees election. 

Given the rumours, the tension, the debate of the building of the fire hall, I want to say I was taken aback by the whole process of the vote. In this day and age of the need for transparency and clarity around elections, surely more care could have been taken in the process?

We were told to sign in but needed to be property owners, residents and Canadian citizens. I had my ID ready but it was not needed. There was no cross referencing to make sure I fulfilled those requirements. Anyone could have signed in.

Ballots were handed out willy-nilly at the end of the meeting. Anyone could have gone back to get another one or four. The ballots were not numbered. Anyone could have walked in at any time and received a ballot.

Please understand I am not making any accusations here but, given how close the end result was , and how fraught the situation is, do we not need to step up and make sure that due process is given respect? 

We are privileged, in this country, to have the right to vote in the first place. Perhaps a re-vote is required?

~ Robin Kelley