Adults are the ones who will put COVID in schools


Wednesday, September 9 2020

It’s up to us to keep the children safe.

It’s up to us to keep COVID out of Schools.

Just as it was up to us to keep it out of long-term care.

As it was up to us to keep it out of our homes.

As it was up to us to keep it out of our work places.

As it remains up to us to keep it out of all these places, and schools.

COVID cannot get into our schools without help from the adults.

It can’t get there via children if the caregivers in their lives take the precautions to keep them from being exposed at home or in their community.

It can’t get there via the adults in the school, if they too take all the necessary precautions.

We keep asking how we can depend on children - be they teenagers or kindergartners - to do the right thing, all day, to keep themselves safe in schools and on buses and the ferry.

We keep asking how the School District will ensure, 100 per cent, that COVID can’t get to our children. We should know, by now, there is no total protection from COVID.

Better to ask the adults who surround the next generation and are responsible for their safety - how can we make sure that no matter what decisions those children make, we are doing the right thing to keep our COVID shields up.

COVID transmission depends on people skipping steps in the precautions they take on a daily basis.

It starts with recognizing whether we, today, are sick.

If so, don’t go out. Don’t send kids (or staff) to school. Don’t go shopping. Don’t go to work.

If not sick, wash hands. Lots. All day. See a sink? Use it.

Wearing a mask is the final step. And is only taken to protect those around us in case we’ve missed a previous one. It will not always prevent us from getting sick. It might prevent us from giving our COVID (or other germs) to other people. 

Yes, children going back to school is a huge step for a lot of families, the staff at the schools, and everyone around them.

But at the end of the day, it’s up to all of us, together, once again, to do what is right to keep COVID from finding a way to sneak into our community.

That’s what will protect our children, their caregivers, their grandparents, and all the people they love. 

That, and kindness.