Editorial: Approve the petition. Re-run the Fire Election

Wednesday, May 15 2019

The best thing the Fire Board could do, for itself and for property owners, would be to request the BC Supreme Court approve the petition to declare the April 24 of no effect.

If the Fire Board cannot legally throw a re-election without the resignation of the two Trustees elected on April 24, that’s fine. Asking the Court to grant the petition’s request does the same thing.

It allows the two Trustees who were elected on April 24 to run again, without having to personally decide on whether they want or need to resign to force a new election.

It means the Board could implement the changes to how it runs elections, as reported in the story on page 3.

Yes - some of the changes suggested will mean election night may take longer to get results. And yes, some of the other changes may mean the cost of an election might be higher than in the past - and those dollars come from a single source: Gabriola property owners.

But no one really complains about how long results take to roll in during any other election. Nor do they complain too loudly on what it costs the Regional District of Nanaimo to run elections for the RDN, Islands Trust, and School District.

It’s not the Fire Board’s fault that previous elections only saw 15 to 20 people voting, compared to over 200 this year. 

It is the responsibility of the Board to ensure when more do show up, the elections are held in a way the property owners can trust - no matter who is elected.