BC Ferries and MOTI say they’ll push the other


Tuesday, November 21 2017

Roughly every six months, we on Gabriola get a chance to meet with BC Ferries staff. The managers who make the decisions which directly impact our route. Plus members of the BCF executive. A representation of Gabriolans is also at the table. Also through the year, roughly every six months there’s Gabriola Ratepayers’ meetings, where the local Managers from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) hold a ‘round table’ with Gabriolans in person. 

Both meetings are open to the public, and include ‘town hall’ types of sessions.

In the past, when issues like Taylor Bay Road have come up, BC Ferries has said roadways are an issue for MOTI. And MOTI has said the lineup is a BC Ferries issue (their customers...)

Years of passing the buck have gotten Gabriola what we have now. A horrible safety situation. Both sides, this year, have changed their tune. Both are still saying that it is the other’s responsibility, but now they are saying they are going to make sure “they” do something about it.

MOTI says they will be ensuring the lineup is included when BC Ferries does it’s terminal assessment and long-term planning. BC Ferries says it will be requesting MOTI actively take part in improving the roadside safety of the lineup area.

A skeptic would say this is sunshine and mirrors over the same old passing of the buck. An optimist would say we’re going to see some changes. A realist would put them all together in a room with members of the public - and see who puts cash and contracts down to make the necessary changes happen.