BC Gov: a fixer-upper


Tuesday, June 20 2017

Here we go.

It was hoped that by the time the next Sounder comes out, the BC Liberals will have been replaced as the Government of BC by the BC NDP and BC Green party.

In what has been an entirely too long of a transition of power, the ‘alliance’ of NDP and Green (as both sides insist it is not a coalition) will be taking on a very long and arduous task of repairing BC’s public institutions.

And there will be costs to doing that.

The last couple weeks, Premier Clark’s been doom and glooming it, saying that a delay for the Site C will cost BC taxpayers and Hydro customers millions.

Presumably because a delay now means waiting for 2020 when the Peace River is low enough for parts of the project to be done.

Nope. Sorry Madame Premier. 

Those costs are only going to happen if the dam project goes ahead. Yes, there will be costs if it is shut down, but not compared to the costs of continuing ahead. Sorry (but not sorry) Premier, if you had any retirement pension coming from the companies involved in the dam. Considering it doesn’t make any economic sense to build it, there’s not much chance of the BCUC giving the dam approval.

Another cost coming - whether for the new Horgan/Weaver government, or another down the road - is the billions BC Hydro is in debt for.

But that’s just part of the problem Horgan and Weaver will have. They are going to have to get the ball rolling with education funding. Just because Clark isn’t in charge doesn’t mean the Supreme Court and BC Teachers aren’t still expecting the money to flow (as it should have for over a decade anyways) into the BC Education system.

Add in housing - something Gabriolans are definitely interested in - also needs dealing with. Child care. Skyrocketing ICBC rates. 

Ferry fares may be locked up now, but there is going to be pressure from the NDP and Green voting coastal communities to take the pressure of island communities through fare reductions and sailing increases.

In the house that is the BC Government, Horgan and Weaver are getting a major fixer-upper. 

One with a big shiny front porch, a backyard full of thorns, a leaky roof, and an overflowing septic tank.