BC has its own export issue


Tuesday, February 13 2018

BC says no to pipelines.

No to an increase in tanker traffic in the Salish Sea.

No to any more pipelines running through our province, leaking petroleum products into how many watersheds.

No to an expansion of the tank farm in the middle of Burnaby.

No to continuing to export materials which other countries use as fuel, increasing our contribution to climate change.


BC still allows the export of coal through the Port of Vancouver.

BC, or at least the BC Chamber of Shipping, Port Vancouver, and the Nanaimo Port Authority are promoting the increase of anchorages in the Salish Sea, as they are anticipating an increase in the number of ships which will be coming to BC.

Ports on the west side of the United States have banned the export of thermal coal.

But BC is still allowing coal to come from the US, by rail, and leave on ships for markets in Asia.

For all the good we’re doing in slowing down and potentially stopping the expansion of the oil exports leaving Canadian shores, we’re not doing a very good job stopping the coal.

It we’re going to say to our neighbours in Alberta that their oil resources can’t be exported; we need to also be prepared to stop exporting other contributors to climate change.

No more pipelines. No more tankers. 

No more coal. No more anchorages.