Breaking the cycles


Wednesday, September 25 2019

Lets break these cycles.

Environmental movement cycles. From the one launched by Rachel Carson and the youth of the 60s and 70s; then the youth movement in the late 80s and early 90s; and now the youth who are calling for governments to declare a climate crisis.

We’re into a fourth generation acknowledging we’re making the world a place that will be impossible for humans to survive on.

Lets break that cycle. And actually do something.

We won’t make it through another 40 years of ‘transitioning away’ from whatever the status quo is.

Lets also break the endless cycle of negative politics.

When the candidates are here on October 5, and whenever we’re asking them questions, lets ask them what they are going to do - not what their opponents have done poorly.

When we’re hiring someone to do a job, we don’t ask how rotten their competitors are - we ask for examples of what they’re going to do themselves.

Liberals and Conservatives - whatever they were called at the time - have competed in an endless cycle of back and forth governance through the First Past the Post system, and neither have a track record that inspires any confidence.

Lets break the cycle, bring in proportional representation; break the cycle of picking who we vote for based on them being the ‘least worst’ of the choices available.

Perhaps if would be better if we had a federal system that use proportional representation - we’d want to vote for a party that we actually agreed with.

But whether provincially or federally (and even sometimes locally) we’re stuck in cycles of punishing those who are currently governing - allowing other parties/persons to get voted in who aren’t any better.

So many cycles to break.